Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summertime Update

The kids (our new goats!) are settling in at our home and we love having them here! We have been making s'mores at the fire pit in the evenings after tucking in the chicks and kids for the night. I love the smell of a camp fire...

Some other things I love right now and why:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • natural SPF 15
  • body and facial moisturizer - no more blemishes! really!
  • soothes my Babe's eczema and my Mom's psoriasis
  • great for nails and cuticles
  • used sparingly it is good for hair styling and/or conditioning
  • not to mention all of the culinary uses!
Baking Soda
  • for a great list of uses check this out
  • lately I have been using baking soda with a few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in for my no 'poo scrub, as a foot powder for shoes without socks, and under my arms
My Babe
  • he is experiencing the sight, smells, textures, and tastes of new foods
  • swam in a pool for the first time
  • sits up for long stretches
  • rolls everywhere
  • plays with his big, pink bouncy ball
  • is simply amazing, adorable, and inspiring!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great, Great

Life has been whirling by...

So many things my son is learning to do, my Great Grandma is forgetting.

He learns to pull himself up to standing, teeters back and forth grasping my hands, then drops to his bottom in a burst of giggles. She is helped to stand on her aching legs, gripping the handles of a rarely used walker, a wheelchair is pushed behind her as my Mom helps her to sit as gracefully as possible.

He opens wide his gummy grin excited to experience the tastes and textures of new foods. When it runs down his chin we joyfully capture the moment through pictures. Formula and medication are inserted into my Grandma's stomach through a feeding tube by a syringe and a machine. The tube hangs from her belly, a foreign object inside and outside of her body at the same time. She gets to have bites fed to her of thickened treats like grape juice and apple sauce. We lift her elbow so that she might wipe her own chin with dignity.

They have a special bond. We all put in so much effort to entertain him, encourage him to babble, laugh, and play. My Grandma does little more than look into his eyes and he lights up. He stares right at her, bouncing his body around and making every noise that he knows. There is something rare that is shared between a Great, Great Grandma and a Great, Great Grandson that I can only imagine to understand.