Friday, December 18, 2009

My First Product on the Market!

Upcycled Safari Tote
with Vintage Buttons
First of the Jungle Virgin Series

Back in April, I said I would do it! After sewing my babe a monster baby for his first birthday (I will get around to posting pictures of that soon!) I have really been on a roll. I had never sewn before, was borrowing my sister's sewing machine without a presser foot, and did it completely from scratch without any sort of pattern or anything. It turned out pretty cute and really inspired me to start creating, especially since receiving from a friend a second hand sewing machine of my very own! I have made a few small keepsake purses and journals that I will be giving as Christmas gifts, but I wanted to offer this little tote for someone who might appreciate my new found excitement in handmade!

This Upcycled Safari Tote is home to a sweet felt elephant I cut by hand. It has been adorned with vintage buttons from my mother's button box which has been passed down from my Great Grandmother who she now cares for here at the farm. It is the perfect size for books or magazines with long enough straps to comfortably sling over your shoulder. Completely handmade and unique it is sure to be a conversation piece.

This is the first of the Jungle Virgin Series, creations inspired by the wild and true stories of my Great Grandmother Virginia. Why Jungle Virgin to honor her stories? In high school she detailed the back of her green "slicker" with tape creating a picture of a palm tree and her nickname, "Jungle Virgin."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toddlers, Mod Podge, and Holidays... Oh My. No Really Though, Oh My.

Quick Updates:

My Babe is one...
He is now a six toothed, cruising walker, chatter/signer, dancing explorer nursling! His favorite word is pretty, he loves flowers as well as the game of dropping things on the floor which he has cleverly named, "Uh-Oh." Nearly 50 people came to celebrate his one year mark. For his birthday his Daddy made him some beautiful brightly colored wooden blocks and I baked his cake and sewed him a monster baby. Pictures to come!

Christmas is almost here and I am crafting, cutting, stitching, (soon to be) sewing, mod podging, shopping, (soon to be) baking, and looking for inspiration everywhere. Pictures to come!

We have many festive adventures planned so stay posted!